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Valentia Farms started the journey in 2011.

It all began with the need of pure and fresh milk for self, family, and friends. To start, a piece of land was acquired in a village known as “Paschim” in Bakshi Ka Talab area. After lot of research and travel, we bought two cows.  Trust me it was absolute bliss to enjoy pure and farm fresh milk.
Then we got along and thought of extending the idea of fresh milk from the immediate family to the extended family i.e., the citizens of Lucknow.

With these baby steps the journey began.

Salient Features of Valentia Farm Fresh Milk

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

4800 +
Valentia Customers
Experienced Team
Years of Serving

Farm Owned & Managed By

Dr. Shiv Kumar Sharma

Principal Scientist (Retd.)
Indian Council of Agricultural Research,
DARE, Ministry of Agriculture.

Frequently Asked Question!

On a regular basis the milk samples are tested at Regional Food Research & Analysis Centre, Lucknow. We also have a well-equipped laboratory with most evolved testing machines. Laboratory has an adulteration check machine known as Ksheer Scanner. This has been ‘made by CSIR-CEERI, Govt of India’

Yes, all the patrons are welcome to visit the farm. You can book a farm visit using Valentia app.

At our farm the cows stay inside the shed only in the night of winters and afternoon of summers, rest all time the animals are free to roam in the farm.   Cows are fed on best rations. They have access to fresh water at all times. All in all, a very conducive atmosphere for the cows.

Once the milk is chilled, it is packed in glass bottles using state of art fully automatic machines. The chilled milk in glass bottles is transferred to insulated containers and ice wrapped. This milk then reaches our centre by 5:00 am. Thereafter the milk delivery executives start with deliveries.

The process of milking, chilling, filling, capping etc are fully automated. This helps us to maintain absolute hygiene conditions.

Glass as a material is one of the safest for packaging of food products. It is a non-toxic product and thereby keeps the food product in its original and natural state. Plastic as a medium of packaging can reach into the food product.

Valentia has an own cow farm at Village Paschim, Raitha Road, Bakshi ka talab, Lucknow. We also have contract farms in the nearby area. These farms are managed by us.

We deal in the concept of farm fresh milk. We do not do any processing of the milk. The milk is chilled below 4Oc and supplied to you in cold chain. As the seasons change, so does the animal feed. The milk taste and consistency would have an impact of this.

In the beginning you have to pay a refundable security of Rs 1500. Thereafter there is a monthly billing process. It is a post-paid model where a bill of a month is raised on 1st day of subsequent month. You are required to pay the amount by 7th of the next month. 

For example

 Month 1st July 2021 to 31 July 2021. 

 Bill date 01st August 2021

 Pay by date 07th August 2021.

It is a patronship model where a fixed quantity will be delivered on a regular basis. In case you are travelling out or you have a guest at home you can stop the milk /alter the quantity using Valentia app (Android).

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